Made Easy

CreditPay is a platform made by CreditPay Foundation that will provide a bridge of payment to any online market - Staking - minting, sell/buy or auction NFT. CreditPay Token ($CP) will be a main utility token of the platform,built on the top of Binance Smart Chain. We also introducing Proof-Of-Payment (PoP) Algorithm, every sellers/buyers that succesfuly made a transaction will be rewarded CreditPay Reward Token ($CPR), which later can be exchanged to $CP.

We will be available on Binance Smart Chain Network by


Stay Tune!


Our Great Features


Payment Gateway

Buy product from any online market (partnered with CreditPay) and pay direcly using CreditPay Token


Stake & Earn

Stake your CreditPay token on the staking platform and watch your asset increasing from time to time without minimum staking period


NFT Station

Create/Mint your very own digital product (image/music) and sell or auction it on the Platform without additional fee


Proof Of Payment

For every CreditPay Token holders who succesfuly made a transaction on the platform will get rewarded by CreditPay Reward Token and will able to exchange the to CreditPay Token